Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good News... And More Good News!


So, I've found out some great news: I've been selected by the UH Manoa ALA Student Chapter for the Student-to-Staff program!

What's that, you wonder?

It's a program that sponsors library science students by paying the conference registration and housing fees at the American Library Association Annual Conference. This year it takes place in Washington, DC. As I've never been to DC, I'm equally delighted with the opportunity to explore a new city and attend ALA National. And while I've been selected by the regional student chapter, I still need to be confirmed by the Student-to-Staff Coordinator. So my fingers remained crossed!

Next item on the agenda: I received a contract from Salem Press to complete two essays on African-American figures of historical importance! My subjects are Pam Grier, a film star, and Octavia Butler, a well-regarded science fiction novelist who passed away in 2006. I'm very excited about the opportunity, since I have nothing but the highest respect for both women. I'm just... so thrilled!

And finally -- I've had a busy, busy week so far -- I met, wait for it, SARAH VOWELL. That's right, Assassination Vacation-NPR-Wordy Shipmates Sarah Vowell. She visited a local museum in Honolulu, conducting research for her next book. I have to admit, I wasn't as suave as I would have pictured myself: I just shook her hand, claimed to be a huge fan, and said in a scattered voice "Uh, I'll find the librarian."

I was very articulate. ;-)

So, that's been my week. And it's not even Friday...

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